Bob’s Blog – April 26, 2016

The Great Equalizer (The Lob)

I’m often asked, what the most important shot is in to have in doubles. The obvious things that come to mind are a strong serve, great volleys and good consistent service returns. Having coached doubles for over 40 years now my answer would have to be the LOB.

Bob Hochstadter
Bob Hochstadter
A good lob creates so many openings and also is the number one way to stop that over aggressive team in their tracks.

I’ve noticed watching 1000,s of matches that a well-placed lob over the net persons head early in the match sends at least 50% of the participants back to the service line. Once that is accomplished as I like to say “its game set and match”.

Some of the benefits of moving a player off the net and back to the service line are:

A player at the service line becomes more of a defensive player than an offensive player.
We now have room to find their feet.
They are less apt to poach from that position
It is easier to exploit their weaknesses.
Your crosscourt returns don’t have to be as good, because the threat of a strong volley has been eliminated.
There are two basic lobs: The offensive and defensive lobs.

The offensive lob is also known as the topspin lob which is not the easiest of shots for the club level player to execute.

The defensive lob or bump lob is easier to execute and can be an amazing weapon when added to your doubles game.